Coming back with 150k... HELP?!

Hey guys, I’m back to 2K a couple of months after selling/trading all my MT…

I just sold everything I had left in the club so I managed to make 150k MT, but I have no idea what I can do with it…

What y’all think is the best starting 5 I can make with 150k?

Don’t worry about the bench, I have enough untradeables to use as backups…

I would recommend doing the new spotlights for pierce/mchale/gasol (all decent starters) and eventually Bird

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Oh no, I don’t want to grind now, just trying to have fun and honestly spolights are anything but fun…

Any recommendations on a full AH lineup?

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pd winslow for 7-10k and pd david robinson for 10-15k are really solid budget options


Wes, dennis smith jr, winslow, penny, theus, drob, eddy curry, batum, manning, jeff green, gerald green


I’d enter in all the locker codes and see what you get first!

Wes Unseld (30-40k), DWade (3k), Stephen Jackson (30k), Danny Manning (6k), Center Giannis (50-60k)


These are all Xbox prices BTW. I’d either go with one big spend and 4 supporting players:

PG - Opal Hedo (110k)
SG - PD Redd (12k)
SF - PD Manning (8k)
PF - PD Jeff Green (20k)
C - PD Robinson (10k)

or spread it out a bit:

PG - PD Theus (8k)
SG - PD Caldwell (10k)
SF - Opal Stephen Jackson (40k)
PF - Opal OOP2 Kirilenko (60k)
C - PD Eddy Curry (30k)

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PG - PD Justise
SG - PD Joe Caldwell
SF - PD Darius Miles
PF - PD Danny Manning
C - PD Eddy Curry

PG - Diamond Wade
SG - Diamond Cam Reddish
SF - Diamond Nic Batum
PF - Diamond RoCo
C - PD OoP Giannis

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Bill Walton , diamond wade , okungwa , Jeff green eddy curry

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Bro get bol, he’s a monster

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Stephen Jackson
Jeff Green
David Robinson

thats like 110k



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