Coming back to 2k?

Hey guys! Been a while without activity here, I had to focus on college. I’m considering buying the game for Series X now that’s 50% off and I’m close to holidays, so I’ll have some free time the next months. Just wondering what you think about the game. As far as I can see, it’s like always: some guys love it, some hate it.

I have some questions though.

  • Do you enjoy the next gen gameplay?
  • What about the MT? It’s cheap as fuck now. It’s because bots or it’s easier to earn? I’ve been selling the last two years. It’s always nice to get a few bucks while having fun playing the game :slight_smile:
  • How is the AH? I made a ton of MT there in 2k20 and 2k21, specially with shoes (I’m afraid it’s harder now with the new system) I remember reading about a very slow navegation at launch. Is it the same now?

Should I know anything else?

Nice to be back here! Thanks a lot!

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I have a series x. I enjoy the gameplay. As always it was better at the beginning of the cycle. Mt is hard to earn but if you like the auction house you can really find deals on badges and flip them.