Color of their court: biggest sign of a cheeser

Yup - started a game against someone with an all blank court with the three point line hidden and yup he pulled out all the cheese. Zig zags, screens, double team, full court press, you name it. I seriously wish there were two different modes for MyTeam: sim and arcade. Seriously those people are trash

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This kind of peeps just playing completely diff game.
It has nothing to common with basketball sim.

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Court base color should not be selectable that’s all i can say about it. If you allow white, pink etc… people use it. If you gonna make it selectable, limit ball and jersey colors just as you do with court lines.

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I’ve never understood the painted court. Fair enough for the lane or inside the 3pt line but the whole court? No need imo, the different wood options look good anyway

All customisation should be removed from the game. I can’t stand some of those ugly courts and uniforms.

Not at all, that would kill most of the fun. Why should I be forced to run an existing franchise jersey?
Just remove colored courts, and leave different kinds of wood, on this I totally agree

This is an unpopular opinion, but I say keep the court customisations. I don’t want to always run a wood court.

What about the Bucks mecca court, or the throwback Hornets court? They’re practically completely coloured or patterned. Nobody complaining about those.

I get the cheese factor, but not everyone who colours their courts do it for cheese. I defs agree there should be rules that lines can’t be even close to the court colour, and this would also be a good rule for the unis, but taking away all customisation is going overboard in the other direction imo

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Myself, personally, I don’t think I could create anything better than professional designers hired by NBA teams. I’m glad that at least the ability to customise shit needs to be unlocked.

What is your lineup looking like this year so far? I am team #nomoneyspent and wanna see what you’re rocking with.

I agree with this. Removing all customization just because some players cheese online is going completely overboard

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I don’t pretend to create things better than professional designers, but since I can’t buy an NBA franchise, for now, I want to create my own jerseys in the game

This is my lineup. Extremely cheap, but some cards match up well even against diamonds


@DaNali it’s a competitive lineup, I was playing Domination in Sept and October, so didn’t even try for Finley and Issel. I was done with Domination in the last week of November and went a disconnection away of Manu with no more time to try. In December I lost three times already, twice at 5-0 and once at 6-0. Beaten D and PD teams multiple times, these rubies can really ball

I use Klay, Draymond, Porzingis, and TMac too.

TMac and Draymond are very nice cards.

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