Collector level

I have 400 cards in my collection (mostly rewards) and I have a budget of 700k.
How many cards could i get with that amount of mt?

  1. Waste of MT.

He’s not joking. Just chill and be patient with your 700k. Don’t go into collections!

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damn cards are getting expensive if i can get 0 cards :grinning:
and thx for the tip. The tokens and players look good though but it must really be expensive to get there

Unless you can reach Sabonis which you cant non of the other ones are worth a lick.

Play ttonline…youll get pack rewards and build your collection while making MT and getting tokens at the same time

good idea

If you’re trying to go collector level, go cheap and get all the jerseys, arenas, cheap shit etc less than 1k mt. Get to the 200 tokens and hope for an update after that and sell back.

I’ve been hovering around 950 cards forever. Can’t be bothered to get that Eddie Jones card

Last year AK47, JR Smith, and Webber were not only playable, but often part of my starting lineup. Every available reward this year won’t even ride the bench. Jalen Rose, the equivalent of JR from last year, is trash. 2k needs to update Rose, IT, and Jamison.

That Eddie card is actually pretty beast.

Yeah Eddie jones is pretty much the only good card playable from collection reward (a bit outdated now due to low speed for a guard) , IT is trash , Jamison average , Jalen is outdated now for such a high reward…

At one point, sure, but there are rubies better than him. Amy Starks is way better and costs 3000 mt

Sabonis doesn’t even have QuickDraw. That might be a killer for him.

I’m REALLY debating selling off my cards… My collector threads have shown some doubt we’ll even reach 2900 before the Summer at the rate they’re going at

Currently have 1million mt and sitting on 1718 cards, would it be smart to go for Opal Wade or Davis? have all historic jerseys and still have over 200 cards missing for current series 1.

The rest of the year I’ve decided to play off of reward cards that are free, would it be smart to go for Wade or Davis??

1m mt for 1000 cards would be 1k per card, which means it’s pretty much impossible to get there with ur current stash. maybe finish up the spotlights if youre a grinder (and I’m guessing so since u mentioned rewards cards) then see what you’ll do from that point

I am 145 cards from Wade and I am pretty sure 1.5 ml will not be enough … I f you are 1,000 cards away it would be more like 2.5/3ml mate