Collector level?

Anybody trying to go on top?

I have about 1900…

29 cards away from Don Nelson.

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118 from Don Neilson.

Haven’t taken the time to collect the Series 2 players though. Seen a heap under 1k. So I imagine I could get close with 150-200k when I have time. Might as well use my 2.5M MT on something.

Think I still have 4 moments players I haven’t bought, 97 Dame, Monk, Eason and Kessler.
Guess could also blow tokens on S1-3 Takeover players at 200 a pop.

Really want Moses, one of my faves but prob won’t get there until next season.

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Does anyone know for sure if you spend the 200 tokens on the one pack that says 12 cards on the s.1 to 3 players…if you get all the players of the limited season?

??? you get only 1 of the 12, not the whole lot if that is what you’re asking? 200 tokens per player it is.

I’m at Don Nelson or Malone. Whoever come later

Thanks…exactly that.

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I’m at 1353 I think. The last reward was tokens, 350 I think?

1900 is S Tier, wow nice work.

I’m a little shy of 1700. Got Nellie a few weeks ago and I mainly am missing these gold series 2 cards. Got some for 1-2K bid this weekend, but they’re still going for way too much for me to justify. Also I grinded for KG so I’m not in a hurry to move him to the bench in favor of Malone yet.


I am at 1070 but started late around Christmas. All series 1 from token market redeemed, all moments except the opals done, galactic spotlight done. Missing many trophy case reward players - only managed to redeem AD and cards required for him. Also missing season 1 and 2 rewards so lets see how far I can come.

This weekend people have been opening a ton of packs for Kobe and flooding the PC market with series 2 golds. My plan is rather simple: mass-bid on everything in my sight to reach Gervin (I just got Moses) and hopefully make some MT in the process.

I don’t know how good or bad Gervin is gonna be. His stats are not very impressive, and I’m a little worried about his tendencies. I heard something that tendencies matter on next gen but not as much on current gen (or was it the other way around?) Anyhow, his tendencies are horrible.

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