Collector Level service (xbox)?

Are any of the usual suspects offering a Collector Level service?

I need to go from 300 cards to 1250 and back again.

I have the MT but spending that much time on the auction house sounds painful and I haven’t been tracking prices.

Send me PMs with quotes to get this done.

I’m your guy


Ill do it for 25 dollars cheaper than og. Fax. Im the og undercutter


I’m a better guy than both of them and I work for MT. Xbox.

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@OGxSuave will you quicksell shoes for me?

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Yes sir lol

Ill do it for 1 usd…

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I’LL do it for a Bronze Issac Bonga

I’ll do it for the vine!!!

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Hahaha i feel you on that i usually do it all at once and then there goes 20 minutes of my life :joy:

Just filter jerseys/coaches/playbooks/arenas/logos for 250–> 300–>350> and so on and buy whatever you don’t have.

make sure to add to collection so you get the yellow check that says what you have already.

Do the same for Bronze/Gold/Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby filter starting at 500 and go up to like 900 and buy whatever you don’t have

Easy way to aqcuire most of the cheaper items

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That is good advice for acquiring which seems to be the easy part of this process.

What I wouldn’t give for a “quicksell average market price” button.

I didn’t know this was a thing. Missed my calling.

It should get you pretty close.

Then all the cheap moment cards during crashes, filter Heat Check for 1000 MT

I’ll buy an Xbox just for this AND I’ll do it for free

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now were talkin !!! Teqson would be proud

The price is right…but I still can’t commit. Can anyone provide a GO reward player? Maybe subcontract out a token service.

If u need tokens i can help you out although ive been told my prices are too high But it takes a damn long time to grind tokens lol

u forgot to @ me

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No need. I know you lurking for your next victim