Collection Arranging

I really hate which Players were selected for some collections. There are so many duplicates like Lonzo and Steph. Or there are better Versions than the collection Versions.

So many Cards are just expensive but you will never use them :-):roll_eyes:

my poor child, you still dont understand 2k’s ways


I take it it’s your 1st year of MyTeam? Oh boy are you in for a ride bro!

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No its not my first year and i know they do it every time but i just dont get it.

They would make even more Money if they would just stop the duplicates.

Elaborate please.

There are many Players who are sick of the duplicates ans stop buying packs…less Money

Or can you give one reason why the duplicates are a good thing for 2k.

Explain it please to me

People always want the best version of the player. There are definitely less people as you described.

I’ll use Kobe as an example. His 1st card this year was a sapphire right, that card went for 30k+ for a fair while. Now when the :gem: TBE dropped it was over 200k, same for the following PD’s amd GO’s. People ripped packs for the better Kobe, if they got the GO day 1, why would they rip anymore? Gerald Wallace started with a ruby card, did G-Force have a better career then Kobe? Not a chance.


I totally get the point and of course you have to provide better Content troughout the whole year. And Kobe is a very good example where i also have no problem with it. But why on earth do we have one 98 and GO Lonzo.

There are 5-6 Players who People kill for, mine is D Rose but , thats it.

If every Player would be only once in any of the collections and the other sersions would be in Moment packs and throwback packs… everyone would win.

Best Example Kyrie

Yeah guys like Lonzo are ridiculous and the TBE Mo Bamba, Issac and Kristaps Mavs TB lol but 2k will do anything they can to milk every nickle and dime outta the community.

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Somewhere Scalabrine is smiling


cuz we are not the majority in here, in fact we arent even on the map. with you simply asking that question, youre no casual gamer anymore… they cater their shit towards the turds, sell more, make more money. who cares if we have 3 different ball versions