Collecting for AK47

AK47 still seems like one of the more OP cards in the game, I have a little more than 600 cards rn and I’m sitting on about 500k mt. Should that be plenty and do y’all have any tips on how to collect efficiently?

You can do it for that if you have a lot of heat check or regular cards. Jerseys are easy to snipe. I recommend waiting for a marginal crash, like when pd Klay came out, or go LeBron or Kobe release. I put it off until 2 weekends ago, I was sitting on 650 cards but I had all of the regular collection locked in. I got 600 cards on that Saturday night for 380 k. Sold everything back already and made a lil over 500k back just watching the market and not underselling jerseys.

I had his Amy last year, played over 500 games with him with diamond Curry’s, this Ak is on some other shit, he shoots just as well as my pd Klay most games, plus he does EVERYTHING

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Filter jerseys, coaches, playbooks, bronze players, gold players under 800 MT

Buy anything

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Not OP but very very good.

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