Code up code up

Go check twitter

Invalid twice, and then limit reached. wtf

Same here. Like wtf did it 3 times

so I won him, but havent received him yet…

Missed it too… it had to be valid for 20 seconds max…

it says I got it but myteam keeps crashing

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Meh got him earlier was hoping for a new card… oh well still got a free PD Rose

I got him and MyTeam crashed

Yea I got him then it crashed but he is in my reward queue now

opened the pack, it worked. I’d wait until the crashing stops before opening though

I typed it in within 20 seconds and it said it reached its limit. I literally can’t do it any faster than that.

Keep getting an error when I try to login

I had my iPhone screen display set to never go off and had the locker code cursor ready to type


Weird, I took my time to type it becacuse I don’t care about derrick rose. I typed it on the computer though.

How on the computer?

haha. Same. first locker code i’ve ever gotten.


That sucks man. I saw the tweet 20 seconds after it dropped but still got it in. Had the lockercode app open on my phone with ‘drose-’ already in so made up for a bit of lost time.

Is PSN down also?

End I think so cant get on GTA or 2k