Code today?

Who do you guys think the code is today? Not much hyping up so I’d say it’s either MVP Harden or Simmons, but I’d be interested to hear your opinions.

Imma guess Simmons or a throwback card

Man we already got a code today.

Can you please change that to tomorrow?

Forgive me if you live in Australia or Asia; whereas you’re a day ahead.


Yup, in India for 2 weeks lol.

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I went from PST so its basically the exact opposite in time lol.

Please don’t ride any elephants. The whole operation is inhumane as fuck. Lol

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Nah that’s in the North lol.

My guy :fist:

Damn you gonna have to wait till liken1 am there

Just let it be my guy Jordan or LeBron. Just get it over with already lol.

Nah it’s not too bad actually. Most codes are around 8:30 to 10:30. Feel bad for the Australians though.


I just hope I actually got AD and Oladipp though.

were u in a 12hr coma? we already got our code

Tommorrow’s code for you guys.

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You should go around asking where to get a nice juicy burger

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While eating beef ribs

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“You guys have any good steakhouses around here?”

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Wearing this


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and this