Code has already been redeemed on this account help?

Tried entering the Merry Xmas Code the one with 20,000 MT and Vince but it gives me that error? Never redeemed the code.

you can only redeem the lockercode once per console

Oh jeez. My bro must have put it on his account.

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what is the code?

Yup, can’t redeem codes on a burner account either unless you have 2 consoles & 2 internet sources. There’s a few things 1 could do w/ that type of setup. :wink: :innocent:

Just an idea but if you have data on a smartphone you could mobile hotspot it


What is that code? Can’t find it anywhere

This is also something that I’m aware of. :wink:

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When i try to redeem the code for bill Russell it says the code has been redeemed but i did not redeem it i dont know how to fix it if somebody knows please tell me

or, you can buy him for 4k on the AH …