CoD Warzone (Free to play battle royale)

New COD free to play Battle Royale out today.

Looks pretty cool to me.

W or L?

Wait this shits free?


Yes bro.

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def gonna download this later since im basically done with 2k
that game was taking up 88gbs anyways

Get an external hard drive fam it’s like 20 bucks and you can store whatever you want always lol

W bro it’s free

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HMU MrBlunty if y’all wanna run.

I’ll try anything if it’s free…

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na i chose on my own will to delete 2k lmao

but this game is gonna be fun af, the new cod games gameplay in a battle royale setting is gonna be HELLA AMAZING.

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I’m really looking forward to sneaking up and pulling of those execution kills. Such a small thing they added, but it makes playing sneaky very rewarding when you can just curb stomp a guy.

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it’s crossplay as well, so the pc/xb1/ps4 guys can all run together


Alright so I decided to bring this thread backup.

I’ve been getting into Warzone and I must say it’s fun. Btw, I’ve discovered something that’s broken in Warzone compared to past COD’s. For whatever reason, ramming people with vehicles, especially ATV’s, is extremely broken this year. I’ve recorded as much as 18 kills just by ramming people alone

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Add me!

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Who wants to play

you any good? I’m decent but wondering if you can carry lol

Lol not that good. Depends on how the team works together

How many do you have? Surprised no one else has replied on here