Cod MW thoughts

Are any of y’all still playing it?

I deleted it through season 0 but redownloaded it this weekend. Just wanted to see if anyone’s on maybe we could get some squads going or if you’re not on the game anymore maybe some give your thoughts on why

The SBMM is just out of control. I’m at 2,1 k/d and trust me, the game’s not fun when you’re getting matched with try hards every single time…


Just gotta get good kid

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If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that I’d be Elon Tusk


Yea still playing S&D mostly, I hate when the guy with the bomb sucks. Infected is pretty fun too

I played it hard during season zero but then a week before season one started I just stopped. It’s not fun for me anymore. It feels like a chore to play, even with my friends.

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I went back to 2k lmao. I kinda am bored of both already

You mean Camp of Duty?

Im enjoying it because I don’t give a shit about K/D and I play the objectives. I mostly play Hard point and HQ since it has less campers.

It’s enjoyable if you focus on weapon upgrades and try out different game modes. I’ll admit some of the maps suck, but it’s a nice change of pace and simple game to play.

SBMM ruined it


Try battlefield 5 for half the price way more fun or just grab battlefield 1 the goat FPS for practically free with a full servers

Man I wish the Ocianic servers for bf1 where still popping. There is only like 2 servers here and you habe to que up for like 20mins or sit in the game with like 10 people. Such a shame, I love bf1

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Shame some people never even played it. Most epic is the operations wher the maps expand crazy. Bf5 is getting new content for another year so we’ll see if they keep improving like bf1

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I might grab bf5 and see what it’s like

They got new Pacific content watch jackfrag on YouTube

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I legit watched a video lastnight about the crab rave easter egg. Shit is hilarious.

I love ww2 shooters, something about that Garand “ping” gets me everytime lol

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I’m really enjoying it, but making sure my friends that are n00bs host the game everytime lol

Way more fun when you’re not having to play tryhards every game…


Same here. All in all, I’m really enjoying the game, especially in GW where the SBMM isn’t as apparent. I always have my friends host though if we’re going into Core, and more often than not it’s less sweaty.

SBMM is definitely annoying though. The sweat is real in some gamemodes.

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Exactly we’ll be playing 2-3 normal games then the 4th one we just get absolutely destroyed because the other team is STACKED

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