COD MW Talk (Use this as a game thread!)

COD MW Talk (Use this as a game thread!)

First had a question myself, just wondering if anyone else is gonna be copping the new cod this fall. Maybe we can run some Comp together if anyone interested after grinding out the basics from 2k aha

Secondly, if COD is your big secondary game or even if you just enjoy checking out some Videos or YouTube content, take a look at my buddy SqadxRazoR’s stuff. I’ll drop his twitch and his YouTube down below. He’s up and coming on both platforms, already has a couple 2v2 and 4v4 competitive Twitter and Game Battle championship wins. If you’re into comp videos check out his YouTube; and he’s getting into twitch streaming as well. Check him out at

Even check him out on twitter for stream notifications @SqadxRazoR

Here a link to his most recent video, just a compilation of BO4 moments;

A like, follow and sub would be huge for him on the come up!

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New gameplay looks so realisitic. Id be down to play on Xbox if you have one. Oh and nice to see you around again

I’d be down

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My buddies on xbox but I’m on ps4, with the new cross play we should be good to go even being on different platforms tho.

Thanks man great to see you and looks like everyone else still around too!

I’ll be playing. PS4

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Ya all you guys keep in touch with this thread and we can maybe set up some 5 mans once it comes out. Even during the beta maybe we can grind some 2v2 or whatever else is being offered!

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I was liking the realistic vibe. I was also destroying the comp lol

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Ya I’m gonna be grinding with my buddy here I was shouting out. We’ll have to see if we can set something up for sure👍

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Man graphics are fuck lit I played it then went back and played blackops (which I thought had good graphics) and it’s just not close

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It actually looks lit and especially now that they’re taking feedback seriously. I heard they’ve already rolled out atleast 3 patch’s from the beta feedback just on the graphics alone

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It was like riding a bike. I hadn’t played cod since I was grinding 2k hard for 2 years straight and I was jumping around shooting. As soon as I was too close to someone, I automatically hit them with the bond judo chop. Recoil was realistic af

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Did anyone get a chance to test the alpha 2v2?


I hope assits back on scoreboard im always leader assits. How is COD MW scoreboard?

How was the movement? I heard that’s where the majority of bugs were. With like head glitching and jumping and stuff

Didn’t get a chance to peep that, maybe someone else has

Gameplay was awesome I didn’t notice many bugs


That’s actually insane quality, good thing tho. I have really high hopes for this years cod

Like @OGxSuave mentioned. I didn’t see any major bugs. Granted I played around 6-8 matches which wasn’t a huge sample. I played enough to know that’s what I’m playing until November/December. Maybe longer. I’ll see where 2k is at then. By that point we typically have numerous threads talking about terrible servers and glitches.

Ya lol I was gonna get 2k simply because I saw that amethyst Desmond mason reward in the TToffline rewards, Ive been dying for that card on 2k. But that one card isn’t worth $80 and countless hours of grinding when I’m not sure what kinda game it will be. It might just be a all hype who knows.

All I know rn is that I’m pre ordering MW and grinding comp w/ my bro

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