COD: Black Ops Cold War 11/13

who’s hype about cod coming out tomorrow night! multiplayer/warzone/zombies.

it’s crossplay right?

If my gameshare friend buys this for current gen I can play the current gen version on my next gen console right?

You get to be zombie once you die in battle royal from what i’ve hear ?

i’m 99% sure it’s crossplay


yeah that sounds right. if he hasn’t bought it yet he can pay an extra 10 dollars to get the cross gen bundle. you get the game on current and next gen

i’m not sure that might have just been a limited time mode during halloween time

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The beta was trash I don’t like the engine

Are maps good ?

I just started downloading will I have to redownload on PS5? I have the Ultimate Edition.

People were ripping the game saying it’s not good in YT reviews I watched

didn’t play the beta so I can’t go to bat for the gameplay but i’m not going to shit on it until I play it.

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Hmm, i am between cod and Valhalla so not sure if im going cod now if its shit :confused:

nuketown is back so that’s a W. I know lots of people didn’t like the multiplayer maps that much. i’m pretty sure dead silence is a perk again so hopefully that encourages pushing and moving around more. there was lots of camping in MW because of footsteps.

yeah you will probably have to redownload

nice i got a free copy with my GPU so i’ll have it for PC when it’s available.

we can prob get a lot of pple from here to play some

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that was one of my favorite things about cod was I could squad up with my friends on PS4/PC and play

The only thing i’m somewhat excited about is Campaign. Zombies doesn’t looks very good, it was leaked thru livestream on youtube yesterday.

is it a new warzone?

With new next Gen graphics, new battle royal map and much more, can’t wait to launch this babby uppppp!