Coaching System Fit Thresholds?

Does anyone know of a chart or other guide to system proficiency fit levels? I see a lot of discussions on here about coach/shoe combos in terms of what takover(s) can be activated, but I think we can take this discussion even deeper.

For example, I want to boost Yao’s open 3 rating and D’Antoni is the only one who gives a 3 boost for Centers, but only if they are above a certain fit level. Base Yao is only a “good” fit and doesn’t get the 3 boost, so I’m wondering if there’s a shoe that would increase the fit and give that valuable open 3 coach boost as well?

I think it’s all about the card and it’s tier.

Right… Details? Tier affects the amount of the boosts (amethyst is +4) and the available boosts depends on the position, but only excellent (or maybe great?) fits get all of the possible attributes boosted.

No there is no way his fit is way too low but I wonder what happens if u load in with say kerr and change the proficiency to 7 seconds what happens

He has 72 in 7 seconds or less . . . Ben Simmons is 73 and he is “good”. Found I have Eaton who is also 73, he only gets speed, driving dunk, def rebound, and driving layup.

Yeah I only used Yao as an example and because it’s what got me thinking about this, but it would be really useful to have a reference chart so we could see if it’s possible to get a given card to a fit level needed to get all boosts. Sometimes it could result in cumulative effects of adding a shoe making the most ideal shoe choice, such as +5 open 3 bumping a center to the fit threshold so that he also gets +4 open 3 from D’Antoni.

You need to be 91 and above in order to reach ‘excellent’

91 and above in what attributes?

I don’t think shoes affect the system ratings, no?

The system proficiency

What determines proficiency? Is it not the attributes in relevant categories for the system focus?

Not sure exactly. Shoes can boost certain proficiencies but only slightly, for example I have CP3s on Jimmy Butler and it boosts his permittee centric proficiency from a 72 to a 75. Yao is a 67 in 7 seconds and will never be able to obtain an ‘excellent’ fit in order to receive the 3pt boost

The system proficiency is fixed for each coach type on every card. Need 91+ for excellent.

As @Gpap said above, shoes can improve the profiency level. Is excellent needed for a center to get a 3 pt boost in 7 seconds or is Great enough? This is where a chart would be really helpful. Maybe it’s not possible for Yao, but it could be doable with others who are closer to reaching the next fit level with help from a shoe.

You’d need it to be excellent because it’s the last boost you can get as a center in 7 seconds. So it would need to be at least a 91

There must be a misunderstanding. Shoes do not increase coach system proficiency.

I think there’s 5 levels
The coaches can affect up to 6 stats.
Excellent-6. Great-5. Good-4. Average-3. Poor-2.
99-91 | 90-81 | 80-71 | 70-61 | 60-25

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You’re mistaken about that actually. I have the CP3s on Jimmy Butler also and as @Gpap said, it increases his perimeter centric from 72 to 75 (also boosts balanced from 95 to 97).

Tsk tsk tsk. Don’t y’all see 2k lowered his proficiency on purpose so there were no 80 open 3 Yaos with gold limitless and drd lmao

My mistake. Thank you for the photos. Wish there were way to see the changes to coaching proficiency then based on all the shoes. Damn.