Coach Kerr ending soon Xbone

I have a Kerr ending in about 75 minutes on Xbone, if anyone has been looking for him.

I bet you only get what his price is currently at lol

I’m honestly not fishing for more MT, posted more because he doesn’t show up that often.

Well, now I know how you knew that the bid wouldn’t go higher :pensive:

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What did he go for?

He went for 10,050 MT. Debating whether it’s worth it to open a support ticket.


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Thanks, definitely opening a ticket now

I bet all those Kerr’s are owned by like 3 people. Never saw this amount of Diamond coaches pre-glitch.

Almost certainly they were hoarded with everything else. The diamond coaches in particular were probably abused heavily with a 10K max starting bid.

Well, how could you see them with the glitch? Wasn’t that the entire point.

Lol you know what i mean. They def abused this shit. 100K for a diamond coach is lunacy. But at least this year there are significant boosts to having a good coach.

And then all them dudes do is pick and roll an pick and fade lol.


This also happen to me during the auction house problem. I sold a few and they ended at ridiculously low amounts like 10500 or 10050. Last night tho I sold one for 130k so definitely open a ticket. He’s regularly going for 60-80 now

Who tf are these people paying those prices for Kerr?!

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IKR, Casey the :goat:

D’antoni > Casey

Give me all the speed!


I have Casey and dantoni , like dantoni more

Speed does kill on the break. I’ve only played a few games online, but a lot of my opponents pts. come off of transition baskets.

I just don’t shoot many moving shots or set mid ranges, so I feel like I get more out of D’antoni’s boosts.

Centers get a 3 ball boosts in 7 seconds apparently with excellent proficiency. Diamond Camby gets a 70 3ball, plus a shoe boost. Pretty big upgrade for camby IMO.

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