Coach Boost in Myteam and some Investment Tips

seems like blinders is no longer the hyped badges, i watched splash youtube and said blinders effect is not popping out or something. I will stay away from blinders right now. I need silver qfs for kawhi, and gold glue hands for him n rose. silver rim is also good now and gold intimidator. the good badges for investments are usually the one the you cant buy for your players because its exp.

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I’m also trying to figure out new badges. Have a hof mismatch expert, wondering how effective this can be on small guys as claimed :grin:

yeah, for myteam keep the hof badges on galaxy opals =) i think that mismatch expert is one of the best badge for small players

Believe so but getting Drose & slapping that seems too attractive :joy:

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im starting to figure out the future of sniping for consumables, my bread and butter diamond shoes will not work like last time, but i need to keep my mt building and establishing my filters.

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I’ve noticed a tangible positive effect on my overall defense by using Doc. I’m wondering if those additional coach attributes (beyond the stat boost) does something to tendencies. What other reason would there be both positives and negatives to using certain coaches? I wonder if people would be better served to match up the correct coach for their play styles, instead of just looking for which stats he boosts. I’ve been using D’Antoni for so many years, it sure seems noticeably different with Doc.

in 2k21 my coach was mike malone. i think he had pace and space ? i cant remember…
so for 2k22 whats the best coaching style to go with ?

yes, i also use d’antoni for a year and notice his good in spacing, speed and 3pts, but my players tendencies is bad, no defending tightly and getting outrebounded. Very noticeable when i switched to Phil Jackson

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I went ahead and got Diamond Monty. Last year I ran a ruby coach until pretty late in the year and regretted not getting a top coach sooner since their value stayed high all year.

Monty gives all 5 positions a +5 speed and 3 point shot. I can really feel the difference on the fast break and the shooting boost is noticeable. Highly recommend you guys go big on the coach early.


Coach is one of your best investment in myteam. In 2k21, the best locked in for me is Phil 100%, very usable until end game, and i was able to use some cards (e.g. token bill walton, pete, etc.) which may not be good without his boost and good advantage in online games. Good coach will never get outdated, but players will be outdated very quickly, until end game. 2k will always drop better cards, every week for the $$$

Best coach to get in 2k22?

When getting coach in myteam - find something that starts with LOW minimum bid (its a bad technique in putting expensive cards in AH! unless you’re putting a really hyped cards or most sought after). I got monty for 58k or something, as someone put a bid starting for 1000mt and BIN for 100k mts. Not everyone is interested in buying expensive coach (or other expensive cards) so putting lower starting bid is not always a good idea

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the 2 diamond coaches, or prob steve nash if you are in budget. but only buy coaches after pack drops, as price rises on dry market

diamond coach expensive is it worth it

yes its worth, but try to snipe or buy something for cheaper price than the market value. But unless they drop another batch of diamond coaches (which i highly doubt), you can always resell it in the future, so your investment is still fine, compared when you buy derrick rose like now, his price might go below 50k in few months time or earlier. You can’t use a coach but it impacts your whole squad now and in the future.

What does doc rivers / a grit and grind coach boost exactly?

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I got Nash for 30k and I’m cool with that. Thought about getting Monty or Snyder but figured I’d give Nash a try first. All 5 of the boosts are attributes you can benefit from. Monty/Snyder have 3ball and speed which are extremely valuable but also have 2 boosts that are useless. I might end up making the switch to one of those though.

Yeah, Nash is pretty good, the only missing part is speed. With monty/quin you can boost your 3’s by 8 or 9 depending on the shoe boost. And you can make your good quicker by adding SWB boost. I am pretty happy with Monty. The only thing that i dont like about monty is he looks like Kenny Smith

3s and D