Clydes jumper. Are you getting greens? Where are you releasing it?

PD Clyde is one of the best cards I ever used in Myteam and that’s with barely getting any greens.

Feels super athletic and glitchy. Plays like hes on adderall just cant green jumpers with him.

I have the same problem. He is an absolute savage, but was greening much more when he first came out (imagine that). With that being said, if I’m taking good shots, the majority of his full white’s go in, too. A great card.

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It pains me to say I can’t shoot with Clyde this year. Supposedly the same release as B-Roy but I’m only shooting 50% vs ~65% for B-Roy.

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I don’t green much with him but it’s still cash.

He does a little one motion slingshot action try to time it by looking at the shape of his body when he shoots.

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