Clyde/Hakeem duo?

Anybody using this duo how y’all liking it? I ran a few games and it’s a mixed bag. Clyde’s a good defender but man that shot is horrendous. I can’t time it no matter what’s so it’s like having a non shooter on the floor. Lots of times he disappears too.

I tried it out, and i’m sticking with it. My rotation for sg/sf’s were already full but this clyde has been putting up numbers EFFICIENTLY. I’ve played about 10 games now with him as a dynamic duo at i thinks he’s averaging 14+ ppg / 73% fg and is legit hitting 3/4 three’s a game. I was skeptical, have no bias and his quick release must of been playing a factor into all the fg’s im making (i’m not just dunking).

I use this duo off my bench man i actually enjoy clydes shot i find his legs kicking out help me time it well once i got used to it he also has 3pt plays that the pd reward doesnt mine also has a 3pt and swb shoe plus hakeems a beast so enjoying it so far man

I’m 2-0 with the duo starting with 700+ points in those 2 games. Beat a couple guys who were ranked 2 tiers ahead of me. I think I’ll stick with it. I went into practice mode & shot about 50 jumpers with Clyde until I got his shot down. Kicked Ray Allen’s ass to the curb & I’m never looking back.