Clutch time offline rng stats :)

85 spins
11 shoe packs
6 player packs
1 cosmic pack
1 Billy

1 token/100mt ~tie


That is awesome. Any tricks?

if goal is Billy - just stay on tier1 - need to lose 3 games in a row occasionally

I meant with the spin. I do the same thing. It also helps at the end of the season when you need to hit a number of 4 pt shots for an agenda. The rewards at the end of each tier are not good enough TTO try to get them.

nah. spin is totally random. with equal chances (close to zero :slight_smile: ) to get cosmic or billy

Another patience and numbers test :slight_smile: - required group effort to get through…
I have additional nms account (never played before this season :slight_smile: ) - decided to try get Billy there…

So - if you think that you just need one more game to play in Clutch to get wheel prize - think again :slight_smile:

it took 300+ wheel spins to get Billy… which basically inline with 2k favorite odds “<2% chance to get dark matter”

So - if you want RNG card - don’t play more than 10 games :slight_smile: - either you get it or not… otherwise it may take forever.

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