(CLOSED) XB1 MT 500K MT for $37.50 ($7.50 per 100K Last Deal)

I’ve only done one MT deal on this site, but I’m a familiar face and would say decently reputable. Willing to go first and purchase the first 50k before payment and willing to be paid in 100k increments ($8.00).

PayPal Friends and Family only and PM me if you wanna purchase any.

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Bump. Everything is the same as in my OP


Huge vouch easy business!!

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A++ MT seller! patient and went above and beyond!

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Shop open. Trying to get rid of my MT and end my 2K19 run

Interested but question. How does the mt go into my account?

You put up amethysts or diamonds that are basically worthless at this point and the MT seller purchases the cards for the amount you purchased or increments of it

Shout out to my guy kaos for the easy transaction. Quick and fast :100:

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Bump. Got some more MT left after selling some players. 1.2 mill left at $9, no tax covered

Bump same

Bump last deal of 2K19. 500k is all I got left. 500k for $37.50 (rate of $7.50 per 100k) or $8.00 per 100k. First come first serve

Still have mt left

Na shop is closed for 2K19