Close app glitch work still for TTO?

Does the close app glitch work still for TTO?


what is close app glitch?

keep asking about it and the answer will eventually be that it was patched


What’s does it do?

Each time you close your app in TTO when right after you make the game winning shot it gives you two wins instead of one for some reason.

you can get 3 if you’re lucky

offline or online, or both? means, you dashboard quit after the winning shot

delete this we don’t need this patched

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I’m not sure if getting two wins is supposed to be a joke lol

The glitch in 2K20 basically means the same TTO Board Shows up next time you are in the same tier …if you close out the game before your last ball drop. So if you aiming for diamond or reward card u have more chances to get it.

Yeah I was just messing with people to try and get them to quit a game right before they win lol