Cliff Robinson's Jumper

He has to have the most frustrating jumper ever. I’m trying to hit his evo goal for three pointers, but he steps forward two feet with his front foot with every shot, stepping on the damn line every time. I’m absolutely certain it isn’t possible to shoot a corner three with this animation, because there isn’t enough space for it.

Rookie dom. He hits every 3, just pull up in their face or stand near halfcourt and call for him to set u a screen but pass to him as soon as he comes near 3pt line. I can hit 20+ a game. He only needs 100 right?

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If I have to do this, I will, but I prefer to evolve my players naturally if possible. Even with the horrible jumper, I’m still inching toward the goal in domination, but this animation is so frustrating. With his 3 pt rating, he would he such a great stretch 4, but it is all useless when he can’t take a corner three.

Just envolve him in rookie dom. I did it in offline triple threat and it was a painful experience

stand in the 3pt line with Cliff, call for pick & hold the button - w8 until the cpu back off a little bit and just hit it. that’s the easiest way.

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