Cliff Robinson?

Has anyone got Cliff Robinson? How is He?

I have him, havent been able to play a game with him yet though.

what are his evo requirements and what badges/stats go up?

He’s crazy on defense, gets me a snatch block every game it seems.

I tried him once in dom and he moved too slow for me , shareef is better

I’ll never get him because I don’t have a Wolves jersey

They sent them out to ppl who had the glitch. You didnt get one?

Im 1 game away. gonna evolve him and mamoud asap

Does his speed and accel go up when hes amy?

I received nothing

Put in a ticket. They’ll get it situated

I never got anything either. Still missing 2 jerseys for MAR, submitted a ticket 2 days ago and haven’t hear yet either.

Cliff needs 500 points, 60 3s and 200 rebounds to be evolved to an Amy. He gets boosts across the board but notable ones are 81 layup, 84 mid range, 92 interior defense, 74 perimeter defense, 80 pass perception, 86 block. Gets gold rim protector, defensive leader, intimidator, off ball pest and brick wall


How do u get this card?

Get all the western association jerseys from historic domination

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he is simply amazing

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Damn no speed/accel boost? thats his only weakness

Lateral quickness plus 5

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How’s his jumpshot? Anybody have a clip?

His jumpshot is similar to McHale or Laettner from last year

Just finished all the west teams, but the 2nd rockets team awarded me pacer jerseys instead of pelicans, are the pelicans accidentally in the east somewhere?