Clearing Inventory Before MJ Drops?

I’ve gotten pretty tired of delaying gratification, spending most of the cycle waiting for cards to depreciate heavily before buying, and/or not keeping them for long because I see opportunity to sell and rebuy cheaper.

Thought I was done with that, but I’m imagining a big Jordan event will just obliterate the market and I’m holding some pieces that I think I’ll sell, anyway, to raise MT to chase after any future Diamond+ Warriors release. At the same time, it’s hard to entirely give up the hope I could cut it in Super Max if my lineup were just a little better.

  • Diamond Karl Malone: I just picked him up last night. Got impulsive and dropped a 100K bid on it as it was expiring, because it has a DI defense shoe for LQ and OB DIQ. So he’s basically now better than Amethyst Ben Wallace in defensive ratings, lacking the HoF def badges…but a rounded offensive force. If I could definitely break even, I think I’d sell tonight. Definitely would sell if I could expect to make even just 10K. I think it’s a crapshoot, probably. See him below 95K BIN now, unmodified.

  • Diamond Kobe: I don’t have much love for this card, since post-up play is so hard to make worthwhile, this year. Think I should definitely put this up for 4hrs, right around now. A Diamond MJ should really wreck value of this card, right?

  • PD Harden: Would be hard to let him go, but he might be one of the most heavily-hit cards with a Diamond/Pink Diamond MJ release.

  • Diamond Gary Payton: Totally solid card, but a card that makes life tougher on oneself than it needs to be, meta-wise. Bought it anticipating what we thought was inevitable duo with Kemp, and have kept the faith this entire time. Hate the idea of selling before a duo might boost his value, especially since his value has otherwise gone down, but I don’t even know how much a duo will even boost his value, at this point.

  • Diamond Larry Bird: Bought it for 140K with a DI Contract. Probably tough to make MT on this. Also tough to sell. Really love playing 1980’s legends who are actually good in this game. If I were to play Super Max, I definitely want to keep him.

  • Diamond Kareem: Waited for weeks to get him. Put on a Jordan 3pt shoe that I’d sat on since January. Think he’s worth a lot, but also is almost definitely the best Center I could ever get. Selling him basically is saying I’m not interested in doing as well as I can in SM. If I didn’t put the shoe on him, I’d be less reluctant, as I could chase after Hakeem and use the shoe on him, or use it on PD D-Rob.

There’s a good amount of smaller pieces in the 10-50K value range that I think I just want to keep. Either they’ve become cards I love and just simply will not sell, like Amethyst Sabonis and Amethyst Kawhi, cards I find interesting and want to keep, like Amethyst Worthy.

Or I “need” to keep them because I’m not sure if I can replace them later on an All-Time Warriors lineup, as with Amethyst Wilt and Amethyst Mitch Richmond and Amethyst Baron Davis.

And as if I don’t have enough conflicting “goals,” along with going with an All-Time Warriors lineup, I also have been thinking it could be fun to do a lineup that is a fusion of the Original, First Olympics/NBA Dream Team, with the most recent “Dream Team”:

Maybe I’ll just sell nothing…and buy MT. Make life more simple.

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thoughts on 97 MVP Lebron (bought for 140K with infinite contracts and a shoe) and 95 Westbrook(75K with infinite contracts and a shoe) ? I’m thinking I should sell tonight and buy back after the event cheaper.

Damn, you just reminded me, that I have diamond Payton for the same reason somewhere in collection, totally forgot.

I’ve already cleared most of my cards with the exception of the couple guys I really love using… Magic, Tmac, Bird… and been using a lot of budget amythests until MJ which I’ve felt the upcoming release of him has already screwed up the market so who knows what will happen once he is actually released

I have locked cards from 2 sets only auctionable cards I have are
95 boogie diamond shoe
96 Oladipo diamond shoe
98 Malone Diamond shoe
98 tmac
97 Ad
97 magic diamond shoe

So even if I sold all those I’m only looking at about 850/950k Mt

That’s a lot of loss for a card I still might not be able to afford, if I sold all those I might as well cash out and leave the casino

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I may clear inventory depending on how hard MJ will be to get. I have an overflow of scorers right now like kobe, VC, tmac (locked), amy KD , oladipo and I want to keep all of them lol so definitely a conundrum

If MJ is easy to get then i may run a mj kobe tmac line up but if he is gonna be difficult i may end up building specifically around him

Yeah I can see the point that the sell off have already begun and it’s already late to start now…particularly with cards that are 100K+ and need at least 4hrs to sell.

Think it may be tough to sell and rebuy cheaper, after tax.

But still think I probably should sell anything that I wouldn’t be intent on rebuying.

Market has been fluctuating lately so I’ve had better luck recently trying to time it right and post some cards for 4 hours.

tmac is still going to be better than whatever diamond jordan drops.

I’m liquidating everything I can. My rewards cards are good enough to win games. Only cards left to sell are Diamonds Elgin and Melo. I’ll likely buy the same team back the day MJ drops and be able to add another piece or two. And if I’m not able to do that, I’ll just sell my MT and call it a year.

I sold some cards a couple days ago and was looking on the market last night. I was seeing some ridiculously low prices and had to buy in. 97 lebron for 120 badged out and 97 contracts, and 97 Westbrook for 125. Plus Larry Bird with defense shoe also went for 115 but didn’t have enough MT for that. Since then I have seen less of these cards on the market and has gone up 10-20 percent. I don’t know whats happening at the moment but this feels like the stock market lol

I’m considering dumping diamond Kobe myself, but he’s already on my B squad and his ability to take over games and score in bunches is probably worth holding on to.

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I hate seeing that Kobe on the court, he can be a menace in the 4th to stop. Even when I see him open without 3pt shoe, I still think its going in. I was going to buy him for 115 this morning but just lacks badges.

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While I kind of wish I had sold some stuff off earlier, I’m now thinking I’m too lazy to deal with it right now.

Also thinking that MJ event will be MJ-only, and I not only don’t care that much about MJ, but definitely would not buy in near future. Since there isn’t likely to be a whole collection of cards, with some I want badly, main reason for me to have liquid MT is to buy bargains I see pop up. There’s really not that much I’m looking for at this point.

D Kobe used the right way is unguardable imho

Cards I am eying for a buy and hold.

  1. PD Melo
  2. Diamond Larry Bird with shoes
  3. Diamond KAT
  4. Overdrive Diamonds - they will be non-existant in a few weeks.
  5. Buy the better badges during the crash tomorrow, Dimer etc.
  6. Will keep buying cheap Western historic for decent flips.

KAJs value has plummeted on Xb1 already, saw him go for 180K before. I might hold and sell later in cycle.

I have a Vince with a defense shoe but his value his pretty low now too.

Sold Diamond Kobe with Curry, pretty sure they will release a new Kobe with better badges like LeBron.

Holding Diamond Durant, Diamond TMAC.

I think Diamond Larry has already come down in value and one with a shoe is a perfect thing to try to get a good deal on.

I’m also going to be looking out for Overdrive Diamonds…Bernard King and J-Rich specifically. Maybe also Manu, just for fun.

And you’re right: it could be very prime time to stock up on Badges.

The Overdrive diamonds will go the way of Bobby Jones, a decent amount of people will want that Iverson. The Boogie card isn’t great but I can see him being 500K plus.

Obviously, we’re well after MJ dropping, but just wanted to note that prices seemed to recover pretty quickly. And they seem to be higher than they were, before the selloff just prior to MJ Day.

If you have anything to sell, it seems like it’s a good time to sell, now, before new Theme comes and possible drop of new Playoff cards.

@HarryLundt You think I should sell pd Harden? I need to make pd this round still in ruby just played a few games. I feel like I might need him in Amethyst and Diamond rounds but it feels like I’m getting slammed with the eq whenever he’s in my lineup (as I got Lonzo too off the bench).