Civilization 6

Anyone playing civ 6 on console? I haven’t played on pc in years but console version isn’t bad in my opinion.

CIV 6 is on console?? I played a ton of CIV 5, and a shit ton of CIV 2 on PC, basically right before getting into online 2k (late 2k16).

So I never got a chance to try out 6, and I don’t play video games on my PC anymore much.

Is it the same game, just with a controller? Or does the console version lose anything?

Wow, I can’t imagine playing on console, though I guess with a turn based game it’s not that big of a deal to use a gamepad. And I would hope you could plug in a keyboard and mouse.

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Jk Civ series is great.

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Love civ rev so much best xbox 360 rpg

As a diehard Civ Nerd for the past 25 or so years, I can say that the Ps4 version is damn solid. it is well ported and actually really enjoyable! It is the same game. Is it as user-friendly as the PC? Nope, but if you go into et expecting that, you’re gonna have a bad time. 10/10 would recommend!

Only issue is that if you want to get it with the (IMO necessary) DLC it’s gonna cost ya $100 or so…that’s bad…but it is Civ, so it is also good… @jc9288 is it indeed the EXACT same as the PC. Civ Revolution, this is not!

Played it on switch, very fun but the color scheme seems off

Ahh, DLC jacked up on console, that’s a bummer. Recent CIVs have always depended on the DLC to be full games.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for sales then, maybe I can grab a bundled deal.

I don’t need it to be user friendly, just need all the controls to exist, haha.

I played Starcraft on N64 back in the day, along with the PC version, so I’m fine with wonky controls for RTS/turn based games, as long as it’s all there.

Civ 6 is a fine game, but they feel stuck. Civ 5 was a huge advance and it feels like Civ 6 is just spinning the wheels a bit. Maybe there’s not much else to be done to the game. Dunno… I was disappointed.

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Really curious how it runs on console.
Even PC with high end CPU runs turns on large maps really slowly.

I have gotten through a standard speed/map size with 8 civs and finished and it worked well.

curious to fire up a large continents map this weekend though. Will report back!

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yeah, on console you have time to take a break between turns later on as you evolve. but overall i like it. play it more than nb2k

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