Circus 3s support group

Don’t get me wrong guys I love next gen and once I can actually set my strategies it’ll be almost perfect. But circus 3s needs to be toned the fuck down. I’m so sick of people greening contested on the move 3s with curry and Luka in unlimited… I get that it needs to be good but I think it’s a bit overtuned.

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Does circus 3’s work on moving three’s? Thought it was only step backs, I’ve never actually seen it pop

Fades are the new meta on next gen

Oh yah it’s on moving pretty much anything but standing catch and shoots

I feel like moving 3s are actually easier to time, im still waiting on a video explaining stop and pop 3s, does it only apply when your bringing the ball up court and you just pull up? Or is it for peekaboo as well?

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