Church Of Shaq - Post Disciples

Maaaan I’m so hyped for Shaq. So much that I actually bought MT and will pay the new KG tax tomorrow. I operate inside out out and love post work. Once my main man drops he’ll pair with GO Timmy and Biceps for cheese.

How can you do it, post hooks never fall in for me

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Gotta go into Freestyle and practice the timing.

Just like jumpers, each hook has a different animation and release point.

Kareem’s is insanely hard Bc it’s so fast.
Bill Russell is an easy one to green.


I wish I could have gone for Shaq. Hof drop step gg he is going to be legit unstoppable

I’m more of a drop step guy, or up and under. Fakes, shimmys, spins, reposts, fades and hooks are so fun to use. I’d say 99% of opponents are just lost when you post game them. Also the AI is trash in the paint so of they offball you always come out on top.


You can almost always score in the post against offball. It’s insanely OP.

About to be the best PG in the game.

Giannis/Kareem/Shaq/Eaton/Yao incoming


Would actually be killer.


Instant dashboard


you say youre a man of post but i dont see you mention the post god himself kareem

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I still struggle with Kareem’s damn skyhook, so I get it.

It’s an incredible card, but I know I’m not using him to full The Captain standards.

Maybe if they hadn’t completely f’d his signature animation up, it would be different.

Historically, Kareem’s skyhook timing has been seemingly glitched. Have to release very early in the release and animation…like when he only has the ball around his waist. And it’s a small window that is hard to hit…I remember the time in between it being an aborted fake of the move, and actually greening or getting great release for the shot being super close.

And, actually, I’m pretty sure there was a year when it was literally ungreenable.

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This year it is ungreenable in Freestyle. Literally only registers as “late” and any earlier release will cause a shot fake.

But it is actually greenable in TTO and MTU. Just an extremely quick release, only milliseconds later than a shot fake.

Leave it to 2K to make one of the greatest signature moves in the sport completely glitched and broken.


Watch the shot meter under the feet. I get myself in position & take a hook shot while only looking at the meter. Pbly shoot 80% this way.

The best post shot in the game this year is fade 3.

The second best post shot in 2K19 is hop shot 5.

Shaq doesn’t have either of those animations.

Yao is still going to be the best post player in the game even after Shaq comes out.

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I noticed he can hit from 15 to 17 feet with the skyhook. Also, his takeover seemed to help me hit shots a little consistently.

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I only have shot meter on the feet and it doesn’t help me with the skyhook- it’s so fast that if I watch the meter it’s a super late brick every time.

Still haven’t sold him cuz I want to get it, but it shouldn’t be this difficult to land the nba’s most unguardable shot.

Run zone and thats a GG

I paid more than I wanted to for Drose/Harden just now as I hoped to get them at bin, but I am now ready for tomorrow. I hope they add the Opal Shaq/Kobe duo boost at some point soon.