Church of Glen Rice

Glen Rice is the best card in the game. As a Michigan man, this makes me proud. He just doesn’t miss.


I can’t wait for my boy Dan to come thru :sob::sob:



I agree :point_up: Glen Rice is the best card in the game. He’s also the best POTM card ever. He’s a must have. I’m grinding TTO for that Opal KIKI card and Glen Rice is scoring pretty much every point for me. People can’t stop him. Amazing dribbles and the best shot in the game.


go blue


Go Blue


don’t forget those 360 pg dunks

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Yes amazing dunker. I haven’t had 1 dunk blocked and he just takes off. It’s crazy.

Did you go 12-0 or pay?

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was trying out the new curry today but yeah i wasnt even running through rice and got 30 on 70%

Glen is insane . I’m talking green light go on every shot :green_circle::green_circle::green_circle:

Lookin too clean. I got him out here in the Nike shox!


Of course he can’t miss. Creates buzz. Gets guys playing.

His percentages will go down, however. Keep in mind, almost every player now has maxed shooting

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Would be cool if there was a way to truly track if this was true. I’ve experienced it with a few cards in the past when they first came out they were green machines and then over time they got worse . Not sure if it’s mental or it’s a real thing that 2k low key does , sad part is i wouldn’t put it past them

That would be cool to track. It’s a nebulous entity, partly because the best attempt(at least I know of) has been 2Klabs. And I think they use hand-manipulated testing, which of course is not reliable.

But when in doubt, follow the money. And the money is there for buzz to entice

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His Pd last year was low key goated its that release

I’m gonna boost his speedwball to 95 and he has a 92 ball control with my coach. Should I add a shoe that gives him 93 dunk or 95 ball handle?

Edit: nvm forgot about the new PG4s

PG4 ?? what shoe is that? Diamond?

Wouldn’t put it past 2K to nerf cards to get people to chase new ones. Pretty easy to do - create hidden attributes in the code that override the ‘displayed’ ones in game.

Although that is some pretty shady and borderline illegal activity, since people pay money to acquire the in-game content, based on information 2K is giving about the quality of the content. They would be in deep shit if they were caught doing that.

That being said I always just thought more and more cards got top defensive badges as time went on, so the diamond your opponent is using to defend your GO now has HOF Clamps, Rim Protector, etc. whereas maybe 4 weeks ago they wouldn’t have had it.


Yea with Dantoni it gives him 95 speedwball 97 perimeter defense 95 ball handle 93 dunk

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