Christmas locker codes



Got Wall and was looking for a PG so thanks I guess.

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Shooting for Dwight, wound up with Klay. Draymond is the only real L on the board though.

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Klay as well.

2k will probably make a Steph/Draymond duo next weekend.

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Got Dwight, surprisingly

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Nice! Got Dwight

It’s random?

it’s a ball drop

Damn. Couldn’t be a option pack lol. Still grateful for the code

Got Klay. Not complaining for a free card.



Was also going for Dwight and ended up with Klay. Didn’t need him at all.

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I got john wall and then right when it landed the servers disconnected me so i had to do it again and instead got draymond… HUGE L

Yes wrong thread but DAAAAMN. Got this from the win the weekend pack. Sadly I can’t sell him.


Got D12 , best card here , non auctionnable


I wanted Lonzo so I dropped it all the way to the right. It looked like it was going directly into Lonzo then the last second it takes a big bounce to reset at the top. Falls right into John Wall. Meh probably will never use him and I cant sell him.

Would have been nice to get a big MT code like they have done in the past.

Damn meanwhile i got lonzo and wish i got wall. Might bench lonzo for a badged out alex caruso…

Got Klay. Not complaining too much. It’s free. Would have been annoyed though if I got Draymond. Got a free Untradeable one while ago. Would have been either 2k or whatever or exchange for a HOF badge.

Really feels like 2k dropped the ball this Xmas with how little content they dropped. All those so called free events are RNG, chances of getting anything is very slim. 1 Locker Code felt pretty pathetic. I’m sure previous years we’ve had better Xmas weekend Codes and events.


I got Dwight, o of course I am happy. Also pulled Boogie from offline TT vault. So my C/PF position is ovecrowded now as I went West and have Timmy DM and AD GO too.

Sent Zinger to the AH, got 85k for him, I have Diamond Giannis that I was running with Middleton but sent Middleton to the AH too, just waiting for him tom end, should get 90k+. Keeping Diamond Giannis as he was OO from a reward pack plus with thee 15k VC option his price has dropped.