Christmas Content Predictions

I’m usually checked out before Xmas but I’m still hanging around this year.

Predict what we’ll be getting in the next day or two.

Is there usually a big Xmas drop or the day before Xmas? Prime seems to be the most likely, but no ads has been posted yet.

Knowing 2k? Nothing.

Token rewards update would be great though

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Diamond/PD Kawhi

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I’m guessing nothing until Friday. Last year they released the Jordan anniversary packs on 12/21 and nothing after that. I feel like their gift this year is the Giannis and The super packs. Probably something on Friday.


A free pd lebron that will be taken away in the middle of the night


Hopefully some locker codes but we are talking about 2k here.

Prime Player tomorrow, locker code on the 25th, maybe a Promo on Friday? That should take us through the new year.

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A MJ 98 spotlight would be fun :slight_smile: everybody has Giannis now

Dont know about Christmas maybe we get those new jerseys, a locker code and maybe some more Flash Packs.

Legacy should drop this week and Prime before this weekend.

No kidding. All they’ve given you this year is the opportunity to have two of the best cards in the game for free.

*if you can afford to buy the cards and eat the tax.

I’ve played 2k for a long time. This is easily the best content I’ve experienced.

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Yea I definitely appreciate the spotlight challenge this year. Those card are practically free.

Who is the 2nd in your opinion? Giannis is obviously 1

That Blake Griffin is really really good. I also think that Marion would be a top card if he had any sort of clamps.

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I haven’t really used Blake that much tbh, I did like Marion when he first came out but there are so many better options now. Spotlight are about the only thing working right now, good rewards, good evos, hope it keeps on this track

Definitely enjoy them. The best they’ve done with offline content in my experience.

You can pretty much pay the tax for the cards if you evo a few of the cars up as well.

I don’t really like that Blake in tto. He can’t play any defence and only goes for contested layup

Prime Player Friday (Paul Pierce) and that’s gonna be that for the week. They usually drop before Christmas. We’ll get a locker code on Twitter and usually nothing else until Maybe after January 1st

In the token rewards yes plz

Just hoping for a PD LeBron code for everyone to redeem and for 2K to take away from us again

That’d be just grand