Christian Wood Free Agency Discussion

This man has been on a tear since being moved to the starting unit.

Since he’s an UFA this offseason, what are the chances the Pistons try and unload some of their cap and keep him?

Out of the UFA pool, I can really only see Anthony Davis as being the best asset, but he’s unlikely going to sign with a team other than the Lakers.

What about Isaiah Austin? He is most popular free agency still man


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I read that article and something similar last week on Freep.

The last few games I watched, he was the only positive with this abysmal franchise.

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He’s a great player. Detroit will need to pay a bit to keep him but they should. Theyve been overpaying chumps for years. Time to pay for someone that’s worth it. I heard Kennard’s name pop up a bit in trade talk but imo they should try and keep him too

Clean house lol

What do you think happens with Blake?

Unfortunately not much.

He has two years on his insane contract after this one, and I can only fathom that we trade him, but end up including assets to entice teams to take that disgusting mess of a deal.

Either that or we buy out $70m worth knowing full well we won’t be a contender for 5+ years.