Chris Webber ps4 100k bid 55 mins left, grey/yellow kobes

Go bid on this Webber some more please ppl. Only an hour left!

What’s with the cereal killer text lol


Cereal :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It’s a joke with me and my kids!

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The one with grey n yellow kobes?

What did he end up going for¿

Damn I wanted this version of Webber

I put him back up for you dash. 4 hours. Added deep range to him already

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And I don’t know how I wound up texting like that.

I’ll be buying

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Did he not sell¿

He sold for 130

I had 2 pairs

I don’t want to have them keep collecting dust

Oh shoot I might’ve got him, 130 even?

With the kobes?

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Like 130, 050

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Ahhh dam I think I put one in for 130 even before I left … oh well

Yea, someone beat you by 50 Mt. My other one is up for another 4 hours