Chris Paul is a Bonafide BUM (now)

This guy demanded a MAX contract for 40+ mil a year and he is sittin on the bench half this season… Like I understand people get injured, but every season?? Why are you demanding a max contract at 33 years old with an aching body?!


I think a better question is why would Houston agree to that contract with an aging point guard with injury trouble?

Paul might not be worth it, but they might really need him come playoff time.


Rockets were 50-8 when he played last season and were up 3-2 on the Warriors when he played

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You cant get mad at the man for getting paid. Hes the reason the Rockets did so well last season. I hate the guy but you cant deny his talent.


You also cant deny that his hammys are shot


I was trying to be nice. lol he can sit for all season. no sweat of my sack.


Yeah your anger is directed in the wrong place, he’s not happy about being injured either and what is he gonna do…? Not take the money?!? Houston gave him the money, they’re the ones who should be called out not CP3. And I HATE CP3

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Yup. I mean he kinda had them by the balls. But, everyone knew it was a bad deal but Houston. That’s on them.

I agree with every response to this initial post. Chris Paul is not to blame. Disclaimer- I am not a fan of Chris Paul, nor the Houston Rockets, so their demise is fine with me. Let’s look at a possible dynamic of what may have gone down, as CP3 was being offered this deal (he did not steal it).

I could have demanded $40 mil a year from HOU too, and they would have likely had said no. So, why did they just give the keys to the castle to Chris Paul? Simple, because Chris Paul is in tight with management. Insiders know this, and his chumminess likely lead to execs saying, “Sure, we like ya and you’re a good guy, you’ve earned it. You’re our most famous friend. Will you keep playing golf for us? Hey when the contract expires and you have played 10 games per year during the course of it, how’d ya like to move up to the Executive Suites and get into management? You would? Oh well that’s just great. Ok sure $40 mil/ yr for 4 years- here ya go, just sign on the line and it’s yours.”

He is basically and old worse version of Kyrie. As far as their games.

That means he’s trash

Yeah! Stupid cp3! Why is he trying to make as much money as possible!!! What an idiot!


Kyries game without athleticism is basically Jose Calderon

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hes ruby is awesome lmao

If this was about his galaxy opal card You’d be right. He’s pretty washed up now but respect the legend man he was amazing


yea Calderon cant drive like Kyrie. Not even close, he was a pure passer and good shooter

He still could be too lol. He had a slow start to the season and people burying him. Dont be surprised when he still a force when he comes back healthy

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That’s my point? Thats literally kyries game without athleticism lmao

I’d shoot myself in the hamstring for 40 million dollars. Mannn, I’ma need a pistol, a first aid kit, some Adderall, and some ibuprofen.

I just said Calderon has no where near the same driving ability and kyrie isnt a pure passer, hes a volume scorer