Chris Mullin vs Devin Booker

Currently, Devin Booker is my back-up SG and he does okay, but the defense definitely shows, as he is usually late to contest or is easily bullied by stronger players. His release is also too fast for my liking, but that’s all on me.

I’ve been looking at Mullin as a sort of poor man’s Klay Thompson, having great defense, shooting and even post-game, but I have yet to run into anyone using him or talking highly of him.

I know he doesn’t come with many badges, but I wouldn’t mind throwing some on him if he’s anything what his stats suggest: 3&D God.

I would just like to know if anyone is finding success with Mullin at the 2-3 and if he’s worth it for around 70-75k? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I use Mullin and run him at the two with my first unit and havlicek at 2 with my second. I love Mullins release. I picked up Paul Pierce the other day and rather Mullins over Pierce simply because he’s a more consistent shooter, at least for me. I would definitely use Mullins over Booker, I sold Booker anfew weeks ago when I got Mullins and for me he’s much better

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i prefer x-Ray Allen,but about the 2 you question i would say booker

I had Ray, but I couldn’t justify keeping him in my LU, barely getting any time off the bench. I might sell the Kobe I got from the code, use that MT to pick Ray up late at night.