Chris Benoit Doc Thoughts?

Anyone else watch it last night? I watched the first part but tonight I’ll likely watch the 2nd part for my birthday lol. What y’all think of it?

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I also watched the first part last week. I’ll probably watch the second part tomorrow. First part was really depressing.


I knew pretty much all of that from the first episode. But the second one might be more informative for me. I listen to tons of interviews about it

Happy bday, what channel/streaming service?

Viceland. Dark side of the ring is the show

I watched the 2nd part last night. It was on Youtube but not on Vice channel. somebody uploaded it.

Heres the 2nd Part guys. Its on Daily Motion as well from someone uploading it. I will watch tonight

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The first part had me feeling a bunch of different emotions since Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. Sad, anxious, even on the verge of crying. Especially when the oldest son said he and his younger wanted to be tag team champions together. Vice did a good job putting it together.


The 2nd part I want to watch most. I knew a lot of this stuff already because I’ve seen almost every interview

Someone uploaded the 2nd part to YouTube

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Wow, that’s a heartbreaking story, CTE is a terrible thing. I have tremendous empathy for his son & his wife’s sister. When he said that his dad was still his hero, I teared up. What a horrible thing for a public figures family members to go through.

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Much respect to Chris Jericho for helping the 2 closest people to this situation mend their relationship.

David being in denial makes this really hard to watch. So sad :frowning:

Is he really in denial though? CTE is a disease and one that progresses. Did you see the shots that those guys took? I loved wrestling from the late 80’s through the early 2000’s. And it was at the expense of these guys health because it was at an extreme level.

I don’t see a son in denial. I see a son who knew the healthy side of his father and it’s been overshadowed by disease combined with steroid abuse. The latter being influenced by the pressures to perform at a high level when you’re sub 6’0 pro wrestler who competes with mammoths (imagine mugsy bogues competing against shaq)

David just remembered his dad when he hadn’t succumb to a degenerative brain disease as he should. This wasn’t all benoits fault. It was a by product of his career choice. He is accountable, but not at all levels if you ask me. If a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and they harm someone in a fit of lost rage, is that person held totally accountable? I view this as a similar circumstance


I understand why he thinks the way he thinks. Im just saying its sad.

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No doubt. Shitty for sure

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Good to see Chavo Guerrero in video very underrated when he was in WWE

The part that bugged me most is hearing the story on when they found the family dead. That part really messed me up a bit tbh and i couldn’t watch much more. And I even already knew all this stuff but not exactly how they found them

Jericho cemented himself as top 3 all time for what he did. Such a good dude. Chavo as well. The part where he talked about Eddie dying in his arms is so devastating

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Jericho is great for everything imo. Not only as a person but his ability to adapt and change things up with wrestling is interesting. Hes one of the greats bc he knows how to transition himself and make himself relevant with the current group of wrestling fans