Choosing Coach Based on Team

I Think its very important to choose a coach that works for YOUR team. If you have a stretch 5 team, sometimes its not best to boost certain stats that look appealing. I notice on the fastbreak, sometimes Dirk can even keep up with magic on fast break. 2k Logic.

I have switched my coach from D’Antoni to Pop and for my Starting Line up its AMAZING. I do miss the extra speed and shooting a small amount but as we upgrade our players over time, the speed increase is less needed.

My Starters are
Magic/Klay/G Hill/AK47/Mutombo. An already fast team with the 1-4 with above average shooting. The only wasted attributes are on Mutombo, however, he plays a lot better on defense for some reason. Magic on the switch is very important and the boost in strength, on ball defense, help defense, rebounding make a HUGE difference.

Anyone else experience big changes based on coaches?


This was one game against a guy who had duncan/kareem/ dwight and dray at the 4/5.

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Speed is such an asset early in the season, I can’t let Dantoni go.


I agree, which is why i ran him for so long, but magic/hill/ak and mutombo have servicabke speeds lol

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I use Pop as well and I think he’s the best kept secret in MyTeam. It keeps Stojakovic in the lineup and fyi Drazen has like 81 Defensive Proficiency. Since I saw that I’ve been seriously considering picking him up.

Definately, this boost to a sg is amazing. It outweighs ball control and open 3 for peja/drazen and klay.

That strength boost is almost as important as the speed boost Dantoni gives so huge for switch all defense.

especially with the pnr type of game and the future with giannis coming into the game as a PD. Its nearly mandatory.

I recently switched from Casey to Spoelstra for the defensive bonuses. I found that my players are already good enough offensively, and while the boosts were nice, a different coach helped make up for some of the holes on defense. You think the diamond defensive coaches are worth the upgrade?


I went with popovich for my ginobli run and my guys were out there playing like animals.

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I honestly thought about making the switch to a defensive coach a while back, but I had already put shoes on my players to mesh with the D’Antoni boosts. I’ll just wait until after I do a team refresh when I pick up Paul Pierce tonight, and hopefully Giannis tomorrow.


Its definately team specific. U probably find dantoni boost to giannis at the one open 3 ball control and speed will be more op. Unless u run giannis at the 4. Then defense coach kills

If you feel you need the 3pt boosts, don’t do it.

I always run Giannis at PF because I think he’s most effective for my play style there… plus I already have Hill & Magic holding down the 1 spots, and they are practically untouchable lol. I’ll end up moving Hill to a different role when a Penny card finally drops (should have been him yesterday, not Shaq :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:).

Looks like u play very similar to me, im slowly pushing hill to bench pg once i find a solid 3 and d i can rely on like him. Might have to put kirilenko there or if im able to get webber lol

Honestly I have a feeling Penny miiight be in the Giannis release. I mean what other Bucks player could it be? Diamond Ray All… Oh shit…

Who am I kidding it’s gonna be Diamond Bob Dandridge. Which I personally wouldn’t mind as long as they show some love on his 3pt rating


I heavily recommend AK47 at the 3 :+1:t3: He has better SF stats than just about any SF in the game at the moment… seriously. He’s obviously a top PF too, but he’s the mayor of Mismatch City at the 3. Plus, I honestly always thought he mainly played SF in real life :man_shrugging:t2:

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Haha if he had a shot like that in real life he would be a sg and the best player ever lol ill put him at the 3


That is very true lol. But yeah, try him there and let me know what you think. I’ll be incredibly surprised if he doesn’t kill it at the 3 for you.

Yeah ill run him for at the 3, love the card so running him and klay at the 2/3 will be deadly

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