Choked smh

went 11-0 and ended up losing the last one and the finley… the thing is tho like 5 games in an opponent quit midway thru the lineup screens and i didnt get the win for it… smh

is the finley / Galaxy opal isiah good enough to justify getting 12-0 each month?

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Its better then going 30 games in supermax and still not make pd and to get a shitty amy lol the player if the month rewards look lit. I would go with it but maybe not for the isiah thomas. Theres erving hakeem etc

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I wouldnt sweat it. Tbh out of the whole collection, I only want Hakeem

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I feel u bruh i lost at 7-0 11-0

Did the galaxy opal get their ratings updated? 94 ovr everything seems weird

i think grandmama has all 92s. im assuming its just a placeholder. Tbh it wouldn’t surprise me if 2k purposely did this to update later so we dont say “ah thats not worth my time”

I mean, I guess it depends but yeah Id say its probably worth it unless you literally kill yourself for an entire month trying to do it… Dan issel im not familiar with but im sure every other card is going to be incredible. Finley is very good and on another level since i gave him a diamond shoe for mov3/ lat q/ spd w ball, etc… Hakeem Manu Larry johnson Dr J AND Opal Isaiah. Thats a hell of starting 5 there lol. Finley off the bench? yeah it matters Id say if youre trying to go for the 250k … but dont get discouraged if you cant get them there will obviously be plenty of good cards that come out. Probably some better than the aforementioned but obviously anything that gives you a galaxy opal is worth going for.

TLDR: if youre trying to be really competitive than yeah its going to really help if you get them but if you cant get them dont sweat it and make sure you still have fun playing and find other ways to compete

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I made it to 8-0 last night. Fired up a game before work was layin a dude out 17-3 in the first quarter n sure as shit attempting to reconnect or whatever in the hell it says n d/c’d me. I swear this 2k shit is gonna b the end of me i almost jumped out the window.

@YuBuuBuu is 1000% right on the money as usual. Of course the rewards r worth it. Even if they not badged tf out or whatev they free. But again dont stroke out over it. Its more important to enjoy yourself. Its a state of mind.

Nah i dont think them stats are right… they dont even got badges on they cards

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