Chinese New Year Holiday starts! 🧧 beware of the auction house price

As title, Price might rise up a bit these days , so work ah smart!!


@Shoko 's new playmaker Yao about to drop? :grin:


Yao is kinda ass tho

A lot of Chinese have to work the weekend: generally the way it goes.

Nah the price already rose

What’s all this talk of the Chinese new year? Why would it affect prices…?

Red Envelopes-> buy VC to rip packs

Forgive my ignorance on the subject, but what is red envelopes? Is this like their Christmas or sumn?

7’6 with 310lbs :wink:

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Hmm…we might be getting a Yao Ming, Linsanity, etc. today.

Wouldn’t mind a chinese new year theme pack for this week and the all star theme pack next week or something.

We ain’t getting shit today.

At best moments.

At worst a locker code

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I need these low tier moments cards I wouldn’t mind that lol

I could actually use a nice Michael Beasley card like last year. Maybe a diamond Marbury or Jimmer.

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blasphemy. you’re trippin bro lol Yaos a monster.

Called it

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I said the same shit. 2k doesnt give us shit anymore.

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