Chinese Food full song

Chinese Food by YK (W/help from @HollygroveMikey4MVP and @Kentnation94)

(Chorus x2)

Chinese Food, Chinese Food,

Chinese Food, pay your dues,

Chinese Food, Chinese Food,

Chinese Food, I’m gon’ come for you.

(Verse 1)

I got the China food, where my fortune at?

I got my fortune back, yeah my fortune’s black [as in dark, or unlucky]

I can’t mess with her, I don’t roll like that,

'Cause she’s got a cat, and her cat is black [bad luck symbol]

And she’s old news, and this a new song,

And having money’s fun, but they try to say I’m wrong,

So I had to start grinding hard, and then the account number grew,

I didn’t have time for my friends,

Now they wanna say we not cool,

I looked at him, said he was a fool,

He said “I have more girls than you”

So I had to up with his girl, and I went and showed her my room,

And then I had showed her the pool,

She said “You wanna hop in with me?”

Girl I got some more stuff to do

(Bridge, vocals)

She said “Why you being stuck up with me?”

I said girl, you already know that I have places to be,

She drop her clothes now she wanna show her body,

I told her she has to get out, I got somewhere to be,

She said “What is more important than you being with me?”

I said I just ordered food and its waiting on me

(Verse 2)

Brown Lambo, but it’s green on the inny, [abv for inside, for convenience]

It can’t fly, so I call it the kiwi,

Girl pulled up she fine,

She said boy that whip sublime,

She say you wanna be my boo?

You eat me out like Chinese Food,

I said you know you cute when you ain’t rude,

But don’t try to do me like I’m Kobe,

I ain’t tryna get sued

(On the real)

(Verse 3)

I’m not a woman beater but she hit me,

She got superpowers call her Phoebe, [The Thundermans]

I’m grinding so I can get a Bentley,

Yeah you like my house but you can’t rent it,

My old friends yeah they trifling,

I’m cool but the girls say I’m stifling,

Call me names, well now it’s on sight,

I knock you out just like Reggie White,

They burning some wood while I’m sipping my juice,

Diamonds on my neck, blinding these fools,

Call Michael Jordan, tell him to mark up my shoes,

Me and money stuck together, like a Siamese dude

I’m spitting like Rondo, I’m not in the mood,

Call ya girl, tell her stop me sending nudes,

Ask anyone, yeah I’m new and improved,

I pity the fool, my city is cruel,

Patek water in my chain,

Shoutout to Uzi


I rock the prettiest jewels,

They wanna be mad and say I’m a goon,

But the girls are tryna get high in my coupe,

Rocket ship, yeah it always go zoom,

She told me that she wanna go to the moon,

I said not unless you pay for the fuel,

She asked me “Why you gotta be rude?”

It’s 'cause I’m sour and sweet like…

(Chorus x2)

Chinese Food, Chinese Food,

Chinese Food, pay your dues,

Chinese Food, Chinese Food,

Chinese Food, I’m gon’ come for you.


Wait…what??? Nvm that was dope…af

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U need to get laid asap.


What did i just read lol

I’d take Lil Pump over this…


Speaking of Chinese food, yall ever have a kitten paw shish kabob?

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Sorry we no see your cat but try our new beef lo mein. It’s purrrfect

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I mean, I didn’t say gucci gang for 3 minutes straight

the start of a legend my friend

Lil’ Pancakez?

lmao, nah Young Knight, or YK for the stage name. But YoungKnight is my alter ego.

Aye bro if you got a nice voice and flow you can go far so I’m not knocking your grind

Yo, @TheSnowMan, this is your burner account isn’t it?


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Make this into a full song and I’ll listen

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Pancakes is life