Chet Holmgren (HS player) sauces Steph

The only reason I’m sharing this, is because Chet Holmgren is my current star center of my Knicks offline franchise in 2024, and is gonna be the MVP most likely.

I LOVE playing a myleague really far in, and downloading all the custom draft classes to learn about all the HS prospects down the line.

Chet also has some great dribbles in game, wasn’t until today that I realized they were on purpose.

2k14 was the last time I simmed real far in the future and I drafted guys like fox, Jon issac, Harry Giles, Alex Poythress, etc.

Anyone else enjoy doing this?


@Carlo221 “Put Chet on GS and he’d win back to back MVPs too”


And you didn’t even mention that this dude is 7 ft.

Honestly this is quite an impressive video, and I’m hard to impress.

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He’s 7’1” in the draft class I downloaded, with KDs jumpshot base…

He’s too good. Could speedboost by his 2nd year.

Realistically he better be all over that weight room right now for a legit shot. Skills are nice but at that size if you can’t bang bodies in the NBA, teams will attack that. Just like what guys are gonna do to Bol Bol if he ever gets on the floor.


Kevin Durant would disagree

This guy is 7 foot with those moves at that age? Damn.

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Um, KD isn’t banging bodies down low and has never been known to be a great rebounder. Way different. This kid gonna play SF or C?

How did I miss this yesterday? This is what would happen if he didn’t have Klay Thompson guarding his guy.

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I’m playing my league online right now thanks to @OGxSuave I had no idea it was this fun, I’m definitely joining more leagues in 2k20

Looks like normal Curry D to me.

Yea man it is I made it to 2 finals lost both was one game away from the finals yesterday night and lost lol smh you get bonus if you win the championship

Wrong comparison, porzingod is a better example

Boy need a rib sandwich first things first


Wait, u have more leagues??? I want in, in all of them

Pick up Mitchell and Tatum for cheap. They both hit 90+ within a few years

Yeah man, I’m real jealous. We could never get one started on the xbox side this year. An online myleague would be my ultimate online 2k game mode experience.

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Lol I meant this current discord we’ve had like 5 seasons already

Nvr to late :eyes:

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Lol, I would spend like a whole night just going through the whole roster checking all young players to see their peak start and end ages to get my draft board ready. I’d be asking about how to balance front office budgets for each team (since it’s so important for player development/contracts/trades). I’d be scouring for trades way too much.

I lost like 2 weeks to that browser based basketball GM game. This shit would be on another level, lol.