Cheeser Alert 🚨(For Asia Server)

This cheeser has all the cards GO Giannis GO Pettit Worthy Wilt … He just full court press and using Bill Russell at the 2 , and using all the cheese methods that you know smfh…

Nothing New on Asia Server

Have you met him before GO Giannis at 1 and Bill Russell at bench 2

Op, aren’t you an admitted cheeser?

I’m not sure. Maybe not yet.

So its a typical Monday night then?

Where did you see that? I am an onball defender just with a god squad… ,also I flagged you lmao( just kidding no flag)

Nah it’s Tuesday morning

Oh, my bad. I could’ve swore I saw in some of your posts that you’re down with the OOP.

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@ProjectMayhem Also no flagged for you jk bro

Uh… what?

Nothing just enjoy your night playing 2K!

Sorry I mistook you. Was just trying to catch up on the “flagged” thing. My bad.

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Nothing bro , I just hate being called cheesy because actually I don’t play like that lol

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Cool. I hear ya. Cheesers are a joke.




I’m proud of their lineup

We all know you are. Move along.

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But disappointed no Drob at PG