Cheese to the max

PSN lordesole. Running Giannis at center and 5 out all game. Also ran magic at pf and 5 out. Just pathetic. Don’t forget full court press with AK and Pippen


That’s what i do ‘against’ fullcourt press :joy:

I even messaged him tone down the cheese lol. It was at full tilt. He can have the W. No fun playing that ridiculous trash. That’s not basketball

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He had any and every card you’d want also. Granger at point of course nailing contested 3’s


Thats when you just let the 24seconds count down and use all your time outs and pauses
Waste his time



Oh you’re one of those lol


Lol the game has been a joke today. I’m playing another game and it’s one of those when I press square the guy does nothing. Fuck 2k. Even if I win this is just unacceptable

And I beat this 18 year old who has now hopped on the mic and shit talked me because he blew a 4th quarter lead. Psn MarcusSmartElite. Says I’ve blown hundreds to get magic and Blake. I’ve spent maybe 100 total all year and that didn’t get me shit. Oh and he doesn’t understand that having a job allows me to do this. Wish you could hear him because he is sooo mad lol. Ahh Christmas will be full of these boys so eat them up

Refusing to let the game end as well. He is just staying on the pause screen and running his mouth. I keep resetting the timer

I just played some guy named Mosif03. His team name was the Moscow Cheesers and his logo was a block of cheese. Lol. He was flash pausing me to start the game and got off to a decent lead. I started doing it back to him to try to get him to do it too many times haha. Ended up coming back and beating him 21-18.

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Pretty sure I’ve played that guy

Playing someone now with a court so bright it’s like looking at snow with the sun reflecting off of it.

Mosif is prolly the best known cheeser/troll in the 2k community

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It’s a game tactic in competitive game mode, it’s not like he is hacking the game or something. few days ago I got beaten by a guy using trailing 3’s and Iso Giannis tactic, instead of crying about it i asked myself how can i stop this. today I faced him again and smacked his ass by 28 pts

Giannis doesn’t play center and 5 out. That is all I need to say

So get a Kareem and bully him

For Greek at center getting pd mutumbo is clutch, he’s fast enough to stay with him and lanky enough that the matchup is in your favor

The whole reason this would be an issue for some is if they haven’t unlocked PD market and obtained the best defensive center in the game at this point. Shouldn’t even have to explain that this is an exploit. Wasn’t like I was getting blown out. Simply stated it was stale cheese and that’s exactly what that is. To me, you’re a coward if you have to resort to that tactic in a sim basketball game for gratification. Anyone can play how they want and I have every right to think what I want about it. Rant over

The Milwakue Bucks literally play 5 Out Giannis PG in real life and I haven’t heard other teams complain about it

Never heard the Golden State complain about teams bully Curry every single possession