Cheddarbob's NMS Late Start Thread [3/29 Update]

Cheddarbob's NMS Late Start Thread [3/29 Update]

Going to use this thread to log my progress having just downloaded the game last Wednesday 3/18. I will not be spending any money and have no intention of buying MT (at the moment).

Day One Lineup 3/18/20:

Current Lineup:

Spotlight Sim Progress: [9/30]

Current MT Balance: [81k]

Plan for the next few days:
Grind out 2-3 spotlights per day and accumulate 100k MT. Most likely will buy PD Dwade when I hit 100k but will try and get a lucky snipe with it first. Once I get wade I will attempt to go 12-0 for Worthy and should have PD siakim at that point as well.

Looking for any lineup feedback or what you guys think I should do with my MT!


I don’t have any suggestions for you at the moment, but that’s a solid team that can definitely compete. Congrats bro, that’s impressive for only a week.

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where’s gilbert?

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waiting on the opal!

but im telling you this conley is different. He’s the closest thing I’ll get to opal gil before opal gil is released

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Yah he is pretty juiced with badges. If you like small pgs there is so many options to choose from. Pulled Conley last night. Might try and run him

Gilbert is a god.

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He’s worth a shot imo. He has by far my favorite jumper I have used. Just got done with a zero loss TTO online run using this squad and Conley carried hard.

I’m surprised they released a jazz card and not a Grizz card lol


I think Ingles looks awesome on paper, perfect 3 and D guy and good size, I just dont know if he has a good jumper. You should get him and/or Covington next. Also McGee who’s usually a great budget guy every year and can now shoot, maybe check out Hayes too. Besides that, you already have the best rewards. I’d say look for cheap budget diamonds on the AH but 2K made them all redundant 6’3" PGs.

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Nice NMS lineup, especially for a late start. If your looking to make easy MT try sniping or investing in locker code players after they crash.

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Roco looks really really good. Player model looks huge as fuck

yeah I am excited to pick some of those guys up but for now I’m focusing on just east teams so I can get siakim.

Roco almost certainly will be my starting 3 and I will send KPJ to run my bench

I start RoCo over Worthy, thats how great he is

just blew my load on a PD D Wade with a diamond contract.

Current MT Balance: 6k


How’s D-Man?

Are you gonna do domination? Never really grounded it out and I had the game day 1 and barley almost done with the current dom

I’m a quick stop cheeser so there really is no other card like him that is obtainable. Only other cards with base 98 are opal tony and Amy Petrie.

Only did about 5 games of dom. Just enough games to be able to afford to buy the players for spotlight challenges. I have no plans of playing dom again considering I still have 20 spotlight sims to go

I would find a way to add Amethyst Marvin Bagley to your team, he’s a damn monster.


Good stuff. Seems like you get it dawg :muscle:

I’m about to go to you for NMS tips

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