Cheating Astros*

Huge scandal going on. I’m a baseball fan and I’m curious of any of y’all have any thoughts on the whole thing

Usually I don’t entertain these types of topics but this one is just too ‘glaring’ (Kyrie verbage) to ignore

And now with the buzzer scandal + skipper firings, it’s pretty certain that it’s true

Sorry not sorry @Petravork

I’m just disgusted because I really thought the Astros were the first team to tank and win it all with a small market. And Altuve is a walking GOAT. Not sure what to think now

I mean the buzzer shit is literally wrinkles in the jersey that has been shown to happen on multiple different people.

The person who first created the buzzer story was a girl on Twitter who claimed to be beltrans Niece, except the claims she made couldn’t be true Bc he was retired during the time she was supposed to be helping with the scheme.

Astros cheated, and got caught. Everyone cheats. Fiers ratted them out and here we are.


Yeah. That was a smart play by whoever QT is tho… some high level troll

It’s hard to dispute on my end. Don’t rip off my jersey or or wife will get upset? Maybe cause you cheating! The way Altuve sits on breaking balls versus fastballs is a little suspect. Even the same with Mookie Betts the year after. Anyways

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Pitch and hit better.

That is all

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I wonder who will be first to step up and take accountability so you guys can move on

Let the boom chants begin

The only argument the jersey ripping holds for cheating is if they were using the buzzers but it’s just so unlikely, and MLB looked into and said it wasn’t true.

The video signal stealing is true tho.

Also, altuve always waits for the pitch he wants, no great hitter swings at every pitch. They have their preference, guys like Adam Dunn will swing at every pitch while KGJr only swung on inside fastballs.

It’s devastating when I saw that meme of Astros batting averages at home vs away.

Houston Asterisks


Kenley Jensen and Yu Darvish still choked at home that year but the Yankees won 3 at home and lost 4 on the road to Astros in 2017

Yeah man, Yu became public enemy #1 to Dodgers fans after the WS lol. But yeah, I feel like Yankees should’ve been in the WS if Astros didn’t cheat. No doubt they would’ve taken at least one game in Houston.


I mean, there was never really any question of whether it was true or not. Banging on a trash can is easily heard when you look at the tape and was bound to get caught.

Why are the Astros considered a small market though? Houston is the 4th largest US city

Let me rephrase

Not “small market”

I meant below to average payroll relative to the league

17th in the league in 2017. Higher now after 2 WS and 1 ship

I appreciated the Astros because they were home grown

In many ways I see the Royals in the same breath

Yeah, I was rooting for them in the series against the Dodgers. What they did was really bad though obviously. They’re not going to get stripped of a WS title, but it’s definitely an asterisk situation for fans. There isn’t much else to say about it

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Right. I feel the last sentence. Not much to say but I still like to hear thoughts about it…

To put the whole thing to bed…I want a little closure and accountability before moving on

And Fuck the Dodgers

Go Giants

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Baseball has always had cheating of one form or another. This scandal falls among the 1919 Sox, spitballs, 60s greenies and emery boards.

It all pales compared to steroids. Steroids destroyed the record books, thereby destroying the game’s historical markers

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Right? They keep beating the Brewers in the playoffs. Now we’re the definition of a small market team :wink:

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Nah this is out of line. Blatant and over the line cheating imo

People cheated but this was another level

That’s sorta why I made this thread. It’s not just another cheating scandal

Steroids didn’t win anyone rings tbh

Don’t get me wrong. There’s no place for PEDs in the tradition but it’s not the same

But that 1919 shit was def a comparison actually!

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Well, we agree, just look at it differently. It ruined at least that playoffs, and theYankees and Dodgers and their fans have a serious justified gripe.

But this kind of stuff, as underhanded as it is, doesn’t devalue Ruth, Maris, Mantle, Gehrig, etc. That led me to walk away from the game. I’m guessing a lot of others did too

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