Cheaters on PC


There is a lot of cheaters on MTU Online on PC, when they are going to lose the game they cheat and you dont get your win.

MTU is really unplayable because its either you lose or you dont get the win either way.

Do you think reporting them works?

I played against someone that already had GO Rudy Gay, he has nothing to gain anymore. Its the 3rd quarter the match is sweaty, he peekabo, full court press etc… but i gain a 10 point lead : he cheat and i dont get the win. Why did he do that? What is the point you already have GO Rudy Gay?

If he has GO Rudy, that means he is cheating for at least 4 months so i’m kind of desêsperate.

I tk so much time to build my team and i cant even use it

Does somebody has an advice?

Buy a console , i was on PC 3years ago and left to xbox , im good now


my last 2k was 2k15 and there was cheaters with exactly the same method

i thought 5 years later they would be improvement

at least there is pachinko balls now thanks 2k

for now i dont have the money to buy a console just for 1 game

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No, 2k support does nothing with cheaters. Par days after report i have played with the same cheater :frowning:

pc its demo version 2k & platforme for lan (leage and MT tornament). Not for online because u can change network packet and use modified saves.

i dont understand what you mean by network packet and modified saves

you gave them proof?

At this point 2k has shown they don’t care about PC cheaters. If I remember correctly Ronnie has said as much in the past. You just have to buy the PC version knowing what you are getting into. Obviously if you are playing MyCareer single player or franchise you are getting a smoother, faster loading, better looking version of the game with mod capability. If I want to play a MyLeage or MyGM I go to the PC version as it’s way faster saving, loading, and simming. If I am playing MyTeam I and booting up my PS4.


Nope, there is nothing you can do about it. You know the old saying - if you can’t beat them, join them!

i will never cheat against someone because i’m so damn angry when it happens to me

honestly i want to stop playing because of this but i finally have my Galaxy Opal lineup i want to use it

Listen, there is no way out of it. I played 5 games tonight and I won only 2 and got glitched out of 3. If you want to play with a galaxy opal lineup, most of these guys will glitch out of games when they feel they cannot win. So you either have to lover your overall or quit playing, its sad but its how it is.

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lowering the overall works?

Yes a lot less cheater. Also, later during the month there are a lot less cheesers and much more ordinary players.

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i will try thanks

report doesnt work cuz 2k never gived a fuck about his game on steam…

try what joker said , it can work

If you’re playing competitivly online PC is not for you. But there is no comparison to the gameplay and graphic difference from a good PC to a console on offline play. PS5 might be solid but still won’t compare to a high end gaming rig.


I played on PC for 2K15 and 2K16, it was unplayable. Any time you were going to win the opponent would force a disconnect gave you the L instead.

Yes. Movie with cheater’s “work”.

Basically this, I’d rather run at a smooth frame rate and great graphics. I said it earlier that going 12-0 on PC is more like 20-0 from all of the droppers. But MT is dirt cheap at the beginning of the cycle, you can skip quarters during offline play for the grind content and I use my PC for so much.

I’m hoping now that PS5 and the new Xbox are gonna hit they’ll finally up the visuals so the PC’s can take more advantage.