Cheapest sets to lock?

Cheapest sets to lock?

Curious which is the cheapest west and east set? I wont be locking in any more sets, i just want the tokens and ill be out of the locking game

Price fluctuates highly. Silvers go from 5k- 10K. and as far as 17K for ones that u know are being price fixed.

I locked in wizards + suns as their top tier cards are relatively cheaper. And no silver was being price fixed. But u have to be patient. You dont have to overpay for silvers, they’ll go down eventually as more people post cards.


I locked Spurs and Cavs, just look for teams that have no ruby or higher

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Sold my Andre Roberson for 18k. That’s crazy.

I was going to try lock in the thunder and mavs and some were price fixed so i gave up half commiting lol. If i can get two sets done for 20k each, ill be very happy

The trick to beat price fixed is just be patient. At this stage of the game with everyone ripping packs, no one can fully control one certain card. Not with the volume coming in. Just be patient the price will go down eventually.

Coincidentally if u know someone is price fixing then u can take advantage by buying a few of the card while alot are up (sat or sunday) and post them later at a slightly higher price (30-40% usually). The price fixer has to scoop up all of them if he wants to keep it at his old price.

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Spurs are fairly cheap.

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I did spurs and cavs before prices started to get a little cray

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If its anything like last year then best time is definately on the saturday. Once i get these tokens tho, im out of this race unless i snipe like crazy lol i just did the cavs for reasonable price so now onto the west

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Wait till the next pack release imo if u just want the tokens. Rn prices are high its selling time.

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I actually think silver priced are ‘cheap’ now just because there’s an oversupply of people opening packs who just wants MT and just the whales who are locking everything.

I imagine demand starts to go higher as everyone else starts to stack MT and look to lock sets for the token rewards. When you start running into diamond token rewards in MTU, theres a very natural urge to run after sets.

Thunder has so few silvers that finding them for less than 10K each is basically impossible, I have been monitoring OKC as well… Aside from the 4 silvers everything else is dirt cheap

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did you guys realise there are so many silvers this year.

even 68s are silvers…

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Yeah i attempted to lock this set but t ferg and roberson kept going up. So i gave up. Im keen to wait for one card to go down in price but thunder is a lot of mt in 4 cards lol

Not sure there is a best one, other than avoiding any team with an Amy and being willing to be patient bc the silvers fluctuate wildly. For example I needed norman Powell to finish raps and he fluctuated between 6-13k in one day!


i’ve spent around 20k on the spurs and need 5 more guys (3 silvers and the 2 sapphires)

might just sell the whole collection back and wait til it gets cheaper

I locked the Bulls and Spurs. The Bulls were cheap over the weekend. With the Spurs, I overpaid for Belinelli (7.5k), but was tired of waiting. Everyone else was reasonably priced.

i paid 3k for marco like 30 min ago but now need to get aldridge and derozan for less than 3k each, and then lonnie walker, keldon johnson and some other dude :joy:

so is the move the spurs or thunder?