*Cheapest Price* Finals Sims (Opal Bird) Grinding Services [PS4]

Have done people’s Regular and Historic Spotlight Sims, please make sure you are PS4 before sending PM! Cheapest prices guaranteed because other grinders base their prices off mine :blush:.

Payment Methods: Cashapp, Paypal (F&F) or MT
5 Spotlight Sims Challenges Grinded
7 Historic Spotlight Sims Challenges Completely Grinded
2 Finals Sims Grinded
26 TTO Games grinded

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Got an account, should be finished with it by tomorrow, also if you need Evo’s done along the way, I’ll do those for free

Huge shout out to my guy right here! Finished the last 18 finals sims for me exactly when he said he would and for a great price! Evo’ed John Wall along the way and then when the new Evo’s dropped he took care of my Tony Parker!

Great Price, great communication! Use this dude!


Taking more orders! Can take 3 at a time!