Cheapest NBA Sets

Does anyone know the average cost of the current NBA sets?
I need to complete about 15 to get Duncan( did all the throwbacks already). I have about 500K. Is it worth it throw my MT into getting him?

Depending on which cards you already have but a whole set is probably 50k give or take.

I’d save that 500k until a month or so into the season. Think about the pink diamonds you could buy instead of spending 500k for tokens on an outdated one

Damn didnt think it was that much

It depends on what you have, but those silvers are 4K & up.

Don’t do it… I don’t think any of these PD token card worth that much. Unless you are a diehard Duncun fan just save for later

Ill wait it out somemore i guess

these sets are expensive bro id go for it tho

I just dont want to use all my MT tho.

oh well in that case then dont do it it will take most of your mt

they are fairly expensive because of those damn silvers and if your doing it just for timmy that may not be worth it

Just egger to get that man in post